A retail storefront
built for healthcare

Welcome to Digital Discovery Solutions, where we drive forward meaningful transformation to ensure healthcare systems can keep up with rapid change. Our bolt-on frontend – from discovery and consideration to scheduling – delivers the experience that customers want, expect, and reward.


Attract more customers from acquisition channels


Instant page speed grabs customers' attention


Deliver personalized, available options to focus care selection


Add booking options at every touchpoint

The Care Experience.

New players are disrupting how customers find and select care. Health systems must respond by modernizing the digital front door to meet changing expectations. Your website must be shoppable … intensely customer focused … consistent … and deliver a friction-free experience that evokes action. We blend the best from ecommerce with deep healthcare knowledge to deliver an end-to-end solution that is proven to capture customers.


Landing pages that increase traffic 27% from Google search.

Book Anywhere

Expose scheduling across the customer experience, and provide a streamlined path to care.

Search & Browse

Replace outdated directories, and use search to match intent to relevant results.


Cross-sell providers and modalities to eliminate dead ends.

Make it easier for patients to find you

A fast website expands your search visibility. Just ask Google ... as the search giant rewards websites that deliver instant experiences. Fast speeds equal more reach, more clicks, and more appointments.

Fast Pages

A fully searchable healthcare website, from a single interface

Route any customer query to the right care option – all from a single search bar, located on any page.

Curate a personalized experience, with zero dead ends

Recommend and cross-sell providers, service lines, and modalities to match care with capacity.

Fewer steps, better results

Be it a condition, a location, or a provider, OmniSearch deciphers intent and matches available care modalities -- all from a single search interface.

Supercharge your website to match the needs of tech-savvy patients

Bolt-on a new frontend and deploy the best attributes of commerce to a healthcare environment ... activating a more shoppable experience to improve patient access and to drive acquisition.